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Deep Pencil - The blog of Morgan Bell (author of Sniggerless Boundulations)


You have entered the random thinking space of Morgan Bell. These are my musings, things about my life written either off the top of my head or in a completely calculated fashion. This is where i flesh out writing ideas and discuss my life and my opinions.

Author bio: Bell’s short story "It Had To Be Done" was first published in the Newcastle Writers Group Anthology 2012, and her short story "Midnight Daisy" was published by YWCA Newcastle in 2013 as part of the She: True Stories project, with live readings on ABC 1233 in February 2014 and Newcastle Writers Festival in April 2014. Bell contributed a short story to the 2014 Hunter Speculative Fiction Anthology called “The Switch” which is based on Germanic folklore. It is due to be published in May 2014 alongside award-winning authors such as Margo Lanagan and Kirstyn McDermott. In March 2014 Bell's short story "Don't Pay The Ferryman", an anti-travel piece, was shortlisted for the Hunter Writer's Centre Travel Writing Prize 2014. Sniggerless Boundulations is Bell's debut collection of fifteen stories, touching on themes fear, time, aging, anxiety, and jealousy. The work is experimental in form and length, including flash fiction and vignettes, and is an examination of the horrors of life.

famous Asexual people

July 13th 2008 10:46
alleged Asexual celebrities and historical figures:

Cliff Richard (born 1940) singer
Karl Lagerfeld (born 1938) fashion designer Chanel
J. M. Barrie (1860-1937) author Peter Pan
Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986) author The Garden of Forking Paths
Emily Brontë (1818-1848) author Wuthering Heights
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) philosopher transcendental idealism
Isaac Newton (1643-1727) physicist
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) nurse
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) inventor alternating current

fictional characters who are considered Asexual:

Dexter (TV)
Dr Who (TV)
Dr House (TV)
Sherlock Holmes (by Arthur Conan Doyle)
Wilbur Larch (Cider House Rules by Irvine)
Cathy Ames (East of Eden by Steinbeck)
V (film V for Vendetta)
Jughead (Archie cartoon)
Brian Lackey (film Mysterious Skin)
Lincoln Six-Echo (film The Island)

so what exactly is Asexuality?

An “asexual” person is someone who has no desire to have sex.

Asexuality is not a choice like celibacy.

Asexuals do not experience sexual attraction, do not find sexual behaviour appealing and are not compelled to form sexual relationships. Asexuals are not driven to have sex with other people . . .

CLICKHERE to find out more

the Brian Lackey chacter in Mysterious Skin is Asexual

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85 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by RubySoho

July 13th 2008 11:35
Jughead? For some reason that just gives me the giggles.. Maybe it has something to do with the raging fever I have. And the fact my tonsils are so swollen, I can't swallow. I don't know what this virus is but it has knocked me for a sick...delirious....

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 12:04
hi Ruby,
oh no, sounds like flu, you poor thing!
yeah Asexuals are all around us! haha
Jughead resonated with me too . . .

Comment by RubySoho

July 13th 2008 12:17
Oh well, if the teletubbies can be gay then Jughead can be asexual dammit!

Actually the one that surprised me most was Karl Lagerfield. I guess I just assumed he was gay.

Comment by Mountain Fog

July 13th 2008 12:47
I thought Karl was embalmed... but mobile,,

Jughead, I used to read that, and Archie, Little Lotte, Richie Rich etc, I guess, from the cartoonist's perspective, it would be hedging ones financial bets to keep fictional characters, especially cartoon/comics ones, asexual.

Then again, there were an awful lot of super heroes in tights and flashy capes and stuff.. ahem..



Comment by S.L.

July 13th 2008 13:37
Two friends of mine, one male and one female are asexual (as far as I know). Both are attractive, bright, accomplished people who occasionally refer to an "ex" boyfriend or girl friend, but it turns out they were people the two dated in highschool and haven't seen since. As adults, I've never known either of them to have a date. Several years ago I introduced them to each other (it was the circumstances, not match-making) and they didn't hit it off at all and will probably never see each other again. My point is, Morgan, that they're terrific people and seem to be perfectly happy with the single life. I wish their parents would relax and stop nagging them. They're both almost 30 years old now. Asexuality is "normal" for them.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 14:02
hi Ruby and Fog,
i looked into Karl Lagerfeld a bit more, and it seems due to a platonic relationship with a homosexual man he is often mistaken for being gay

In the early seventies, however, Lagerfeld fell in love with a witty and mischievous French aristocrat named Jacques de Bascher. Lagerfeld supported him financially, but they never lived together, and friends say that the union was—as Lagerfeld has always insisted—platonic, based on shared affinities for literature, clothing, and style. (De Bascher once told a journalist that Lagerfeld’s sole loves were Coca-Cola and chocolate cake.) When de Bascher died of AIDS, in 1989, Lagerfeld was inconsolable; he sobbed when discussing him with a reporter for Vanity Fair in 1992. In his diet book, he says that his weight gain, which began in the late nineteen-eighties, was due to his despair over de Bascher’s illness and death. Today, however, Lagerfeld insists that he is above such attachments, adopting the attitude he expressed in a conversation with Interview in 1975, in which he said, “I never fall in love. I am just in love with my job.” In this way, Lagerfeld seems to be modelling himself on another prolific creator with a sense of the Zeitgeist, Andy Warhol.

The New Yorker
Really Long Link

i think Jughead is the member of the gang who never has any relationships or shows any romantic interest in anyone

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 14:05
hi S.L.
thanks for sharing that story, i like hearing about other Asexual people . . . and particularly good to hear they are happy and feel normal in single life . . . human beings really are diverse little creatures!
thanks for the comment!

Comment by James Rickard

July 13th 2008 15:50
Asexual? Hmmm. What about the 3 Stooges?

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 15:55
hi James,
i havent watched alot of stooges, did they ever have lady friends?
ive heard people say the smurfs are asexual! haha

Comment by Don Lee

July 13th 2008 15:58
The 3 Stooges got married in one of their movies. They married Tiska, Taska and Baska Jones. Somehow I dont think the marriages lasted, since they were only in one film (as far as I know).

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 16:00
hi Don Lee,
hahahaha great names!
i did not know about these strangely named wives, perhaps the stooges really were sexually motivated?

Comment by Don Lee

July 13th 2008 16:02
Like I said, I dont think the marriages lasted. I only remember seeing the one movie about them. It might have been a "show marriage" ya know?

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 16:06
ahhh so Tiska, Taska and Baska could have been "beards" or marriages of convenience!
thanks for the info Don

Comment by Don Lee

July 13th 2008 16:08
No beards as far as I could see, but they wouldnt have made it in Playboy. lmao

My load is done gotta go.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 13th 2008 16:16
hey i found this pic of the stooges and their wives:

from In the Sweet Pie and Pie (1941)

Comment by Don Lee

July 13th 2008 16:18
Maybe they woulda made it in Playboy. I musta remembered wrong. Really gotta go.

Comment by Jason King

July 13th 2008 22:34
Maybe this is the reason I can't get any action!!!!!!
Perhaps everyone I ever meet or find attractive is asexual!
Help me please - I need some kind of excuse to make me feel better!!!
Wasn't Cliff Richard married??
I also thought Dr Who was bisexual or it meant little to him as he is an alien and his ides of sexuality are much different than the mere mortal.

Comment by Tracy

July 13th 2008 23:04
Hi Morgan

Fascinating stuff...

Comment by Mr Nice Guy

July 13th 2008 23:16
Always thought that girl from Scobbie Doo - Thelma was that way inclined.

Now - as for the Wombles and Humphrey - hmmm - perhaps I've gone a little bit too far.

Comment by postmoderncritic

July 14th 2008 02:22
Thanks for sharing...

I met an asexual intellectual with radical views online at the beginning of the year - he lives in San Jose, California and has everything from data entry to bodybuilding while developing his theories and writing his book. He's a very smart guy and will probably sell a lot of his book. I hope he gets some of the recognition he is after. He identifies as a postmodernist, yet he believes in a metanarrative (a universalising philosophy) so I don't see him as such.

More power to asexuals!

Comment by Anne Tootill

July 14th 2008 02:52

I fond this site, hope it helps someone

Welcome to is the first Free dating site for Asexual People. When major dating sites don't recognize our asexuality, we think that asexual people should have a place to meet.
Create your profile and find a partner to build a platonic relationship.Learn more about asexuality with AVEN will allow you to :
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Search our member profiles as many times as you wish, for as long as you wish
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and more to come...

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 14th 2008 03:46
hi Jason,
in some circles Cliff is regarded as a celibate christian or a closeted homosexual but im going to claim him as an Asexual!

By his own account, Cliff has got drunk three times in his life and had sex twice (in 1960). The man who once told an interviewer he would remain single until he was '25 at least', has had a series of close female friends – notably Una Stubbs, Olivia Newton-John and Sue Barker – but never married. 'I'm aware of the rumours, but I am not gay,' he stated in a 1996 interview for the Daily Mail. Apparently happy with his Bachelor Boy image, he added, 'There is no room in my life for drugs, fights, divorce, adultery, sadism, unnecessary fuss and sex.'

Channel 4
Really Long Link

as for Dr Who i read that the 8th doctor had an occassional out-of-character pash but all the others were completely dis-interested in sex, i guess he could be a sexless alien? haha

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 14th 2008 03:59
hi Tracy,
thanks for stopping by, i find it fascinating too!

hi MNG,
ever since i saw the acted movie of Scooby Doo i have trouble remembering the cartoon, but in the movie Thelma has a love interest and Daphne helps her dress up for a date . . . i always thought in the cartoon it was implied she had a lesbian crush on Daphne haha that could just be my imagination . . . Humphrey is definately Asexual!

hi epiphanie,
i like how you said "postmodernist" like that was also a sexuality! haha
geez you really do know a broad spectrum of people from all over the world!

hi Anne,
i have seen that Asexualic site before, but thanks for bringing it up!
seems strange the idea of Asexual people only befriending other Asexual people . . . i think im so used to the sexual context of our culture that i actually cant imagine a whole society of Asexuals . . . i wonder what it would be like?

Comment by postmoderncritic

July 14th 2008 04:19
Morgan - Just complaining about the lack of authentic postmodernists, hehehe, but I guess anything can be indicative of your sexual orientation, right?
I really love making friends all over the world. I just discovered a postmodernist (a hardcore one, at that) from Egypt, of all places! They're so rare, and I really wasn't expecting to find one in the developing world, let alone a predominantly Muslim country, so I'm happy... I've invited him to marry me to get the citizenship if he likes, though he's going to be finishing off his PhD in the next year. Well, he might actually get US citizenship because I am apparently moving there after a year (woohoo, I've been wanting to move there for years)!
You will find more asexual ppl out there, I'm sure.
Have a great day now~

Comment by Louie

July 14th 2008 06:30
wow, I have to admit, I don't really understand the definition of asexuality, I pretty much thought it was like being Androgynous, this post has been enlightening particularly the comments. Each to their own, as long as they are happy.

Excuse my ignorance but would asexual people still get married and just not have sex, or do they generally just have friends and be "single" ????

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 14th 2008 06:49
hi Louie,

i think Asexuality has alot in common with closeted homosexuality with regards to lifestyle choices . . . gay men and women often enter into heterosexual marriages for reasons other than sex eg: companionship, financial security, reproduction, keeping up appearances

once in a marriage not based on sexual attraction theres a whole host of reasons the Asexual or the closeted gay partner may engage in sex, often just to please the sexual parter who they care for

Asexuals are usually thought of in two categories "sex aversion" and "sex indifference", so they could either really object or just not care

and just like gay people, Asexuals are all different so some have romantic partners, or platonic companions, others are single social butterflies or workaholics, and others are introverted recluses

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 14th 2008 06:52
for a more detailed explanation of what Asexuality isCLICKHERE

Comment by D. Armenta

July 14th 2008 22:19
Asexuals get married, you know. Marriage isn't (or shouldn't be) based solely on sexual attraction.

When 2 people get to know, respect, love and trust one another more than anyone else they've ever known,want to commit to being partners for life and one is asexual, they simply come to an arrangement.

I never understood what all the fuss was about.

Comment by Louie

July 15th 2008 00:30
Thanks Morgan, interesting, answers a few questions... and yes D. Armenta, I don't see what all the fuss is about, it seems its all just about each person finding happiness.

I know a person very cl ose to me is living like this and the son they have is themost prescious loved thing in their lives, possibly the world I guess I was asking questions because I had always tried to put a "conventional" label on their relationship, for my own reasons which I might add were very good reasons, i don't usually think of such things, and couldn't work them out... not that I am even conventional myself, its funny what you project and how we just want things to fit in all the boxes we grew up with....

thanks guys.

Comment by D. Armenta

July 15th 2008 00:35
Amen to that, Louie. Vive la Difference-as long as it doesn't infringe on my own personal space, haha!!

Comment by Anonymous

July 15th 2008 02:30
We all know Jughead's a zoophile.

Comment by slacko

July 15th 2008 03:02
Do asexual people masterbate?

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 15th 2008 03:14
hi D,
its become a trend since the sexual revolution to say that a "healthy" marriage must include sex, the implication being that sex is the most meaningful or valid form or intimacy
this may be true for some Sexual people, it may be important to have sex a certain amount of times per week etc
some Sexual people may look outside their marriages if they are not being pleased at home
i think it is important for most Sexual people to be made to feel attractive and wanted sexually
these are my observations anyway
couples who go to marriage counsellors are often told they need to be sexually active to have a "healthy" relationship
while this may be true for the majority of the populations it isnt rue for Asexuals
i get what you are saying that marriages shouldnt be based "solely" in sex but often it is a major motivating factor, and for many people a very important component
thanks for the comment

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 15th 2008 03:19
hi Louie,
oh i know what you mean . . . it is impossible not to try and stick labels all over people . . . i think we all analyze our friends and what motivates them

hi anon,
dont even get me started on scooby doo and shaggy haha

hi slacko,
different strokes for different folks, it varies amongst individuals . . . its not really linked to the attraction people feel towards others

thanks for the comments everyone

Comment by Jeff Musall

July 15th 2008 03:57
A friend of one of my sisters hasn't had sex for over 10 years, but she was married earlier. She has since become a fundamentalist Christian and calls herself a "born-again virgin." Does being asexual for reasons of dogmatic belief fit the standard defintion?
As for marriage, it isn't important in all, I'm sure - but for those who consider sex a big component, I think it is a very strong reason to "not wait" to have sex. If it is important and you find out after the wedding there is no or little interest on the part of one partner, a recipe for marital problems.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 15th 2008 04:30
hi Jeff,
dogmatic belief? haha
ummm no, generally not
there are quite a few cultures who choose to participate in periods of abstinance or celebacy, it is considered a sacrifice or self-restraint because it is assumed sex is something they desire
if you find other people sexually attractive and desire to have sex with them you are probably not Asexual
i guess it is possible that Asexual people may find it easier to enter professions or roles where celebacy is a requirement, like some religious ministers or nuns, or people that work on oil rigs or in the navy?
but i imagine alot of people of faith do it as a challenge not because they were born that way
thanks for the comment

Comment by RubySoho

July 15th 2008 04:40
i guess it is possible that Asexual people may find it easier to enter professions or roles where celebacy is a requirement,

But not the catholic clergy apparently. Sorry cheap shot, but in honour of WYD SYD, I am just about all things catholic at the moment.

Comment by postmoderncritic

July 15th 2008 05:36

Comment by Bryn

July 15th 2008 05:45
Jughead huh ... He'd probably prefer to stick his weiner between two buns and squirt mustard on it .. Actually, just quietly, but as a young adolescent I had a crush on Veronica Lodge.

Rupert the Bear?

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 15th 2008 05:55
hi Bryn,
haha thanks for the delightful mental image of Jughead!
OMG Rupert the bear! i love him!

Ruby and Epiphanie,
now now . . . play nice ladies!

Comment by postmoderncritic

July 15th 2008 06:04
Sorry Morgan, will be more respectful in the future...

My friend in San Jose told me that he sometimes masturbates to relieve tension, but if he couldn't do it for some reason he would feel no great loss, it would be perfectly fine.

Comment by What's Your Story?

July 15th 2008 09:25
Awww Jughead. In the comic book Archie 10 Years Later (or was it 20 years later? I forget!), Jughead ended up having a kid. No clue who the wife was, but they did get divorced. Then he went back to Riverdale for a high school reunion, and Big Ethel's right there looking va-va-voom. Apparently she became a supermodel. High school was her awkward phase. Needless to say Jughead pursued her. Haha. And she didn't even have to offer him a hamburger.


Comment by Morgan Bell

July 15th 2008 09:52
hi Toni,
sounds like the old Jughead did a bit of experimenting in later life! haha
thanks so much for the trivia, you are now officially the resident Jughead expert!

hi epiphanie,
thats interesting about your friend, thanks for sharing!

Comment by Bryn

July 16th 2008 00:13
Archie 20 years later?? weird ... what happened to Ronnie?
Did they ever do a live action Archie??

Comment by D. Armenta

July 16th 2008 00:14
.Whew<, I feel mighty sorry for people who get married based on sexual attraction when they both get a bit older, then..say, that's not fair at all to the kids if they had any, is it?

"Oh, sorry dear. Daddy and I don't find each other attractive anymore, so we'll be going our separate ways. Ta-ta!"

Comment by slacko

July 16th 2008 00:34
Asexuality to me is unfathomable

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 16th 2008 06:43
hi Bryn,
i think i will refer those questions to Toni as im really not sure

hi D,
it happens all the time, men leaving their wives for younger more sexually active women, or vice versa
whats the divorce rate nowadays? haha
but yeah, no joking matter where kids are involved

hi slacko,
it is amazing how diverse human beings really are

Comment by slacko

July 16th 2008 06:50
Especially today, when all the messages we get from media sources is to bang on, so to speak.

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 16th 2008 07:12
hi Slacko,
yes, bang on! haha
i think i know what you mean . . .
i think in different periods of history a high sex drive wasnt as valued as it is today, esp for women, in some eras you were probably thought of as a witch or given a scarlet letter if you had a high sex drive
one day we will accept that there is no one lifestyle or social standard that will fit all . . . people dont want to be pressured to have sex or humiliated for wanting sex . . . embrace diversity!

Comment by postmoderncritic

July 16th 2008 07:21
If I were asexual I would be incredibly frustrated by the emphasis our society places on sex.

Comment by Cibbuano

July 17th 2008 02:41
I think it's important to have a partner that you have sexual compatibility with... having different interests in sex can be a huge dealbreaker.

Jughead 20 years later? I must find this!

Bryn, I was so down with Veronica, but I could never decided if I liked Betty better. She was sometimes corny, sometimes cheesy, but every now and again, she'd be so down to earth and lookin' fine. At least, to my 8-year-old mind.

Comment by Bryn

July 17th 2008 04:21
Cibby, I'm scratching my head to try and remember just how old I was when I had the crush on Ronnie. I think I was older than 8, more like 10 or 11 ... y'know, burgeoning puberty, loins stirring ... I found Ronnie so much sexier than Betty, but then I've always been more of a brunette man than a blonde man. I usede to envy Reggie, when he managed to make-out with Ronnie much to Archie's chagrin! LOL

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 17th 2008 07:21
hi Cibbuano and Bryn,
how interesting, i didnt realise little boys had crushes on cartoons . . . you learn someting everyday!

hi epiphanie,
i think the unrealistic portrayal of sex and sexuality in the commercial media frustrates everyone!

Comment by Bryn

July 17th 2008 08:43
Morgan, shhhh! that's secret men's business!

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 17th 2008 10:35
haha Bryn,
i can imagine the cartoon centrefold that must be in the mens magazines!

Comment by Lilla

July 20th 2008 01:06

Never static, life changes for the open minded and i can say I have been both highly sexed and asexual over the years... especially now as men-o-pause approaches. time to rest ... and to answer D... yes indeed partners wax and wane, but not all split up... friendship counts for a lot in many marriages.

I always thought of Tin Tin as an asexual character, and every now and then, even Harry P.?

L ...

Comment by Morgan Bell

July 20th 2008 07:10
hi Lilla,
i love the expression "wax and wane"!
thanks for the character suggestions and the insight into marriage, always good to get an insiders opinion!

Comment by Anonymous

October 12th 2008 03:18
Why the hell is Dr. House on the asexual list?
He constantly hits on women, flirts, makes crude comments, has HAD SEX, has been showed having had ENJOYED that I missing something?

Comment by Morgan Bell

October 12th 2008 05:28
hi Anonymous,
Asexuals can have sex and relationships and joke about sex, theyre not nuns
Dr House has been characterised as a loner with chronic pain who has had a girlfriend in the past but in general seeking out sex is not a motivating factor in his behaviour
He has a long term emotional flirtation with Cameron but is generally indifferent about transforming the relationship into something sex-based

Comment by Timothy Powell

October 17th 2008 20:49
why are you so interested in asexuals? are you asexual yourself? Please don't be offended by my asking

Comment by Morgan Bell

October 18th 2008 08:01
hi Timothy,
yes i am - and theres not alot of web content on the subject so it is one of the themes of this (my more personal) blog

Comment by Anonymous

November 17th 2008 06:23
i know this was posted long ago, but i have to add, Andy Warhol was considered asexual.

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 17th 2008 06:51
hi Anonymous,
hey thats a really good suggestion!
some considered him to be Asexual, and many others believed him to be a latent or closeted homosexual - his life appears to have been largely sexless
thanks for contributing!

Comment by Luke

February 27th 2009 03:49
It turned out recently that Cliff Richard is actually gay and has been living with a male 'friend' (a former priest) for a while.

I think most of the famous people on that list are probably people who were too afraid to come out of the closet. Let's add Kevin Spacey to that list.

Comment by Morgan Bell

February 27th 2009 09:20
hi Luke,
i didnt know that about Cliff . . . wow!
its hard to say whether other people are latent homosexuals or asexuals . . . and the older the historical figure, the more pressure there would have been for them to be closeted . . . i guess the only reliable way of knowing is self-identification, and even that can change over time
thats really interesting about Cliff though, ill have to google it and get the goss

Comment by Morgan Bell

February 27th 2009 09:32
added info:

Cliff Richards companion is Father John McElynn

of the relationship Cliff said:

"John and I have over time struck up a close friendship. He has also become a companion, which is great because I don’t like living alone, even now."

Cliff and John may have a non-sexual romantic relationship, or strong plantonic friendship, one or both of them might have a homosexual "romantic orientation" with no sexual feelings . . . just tossing up a few possibilities

“As for my sexuality I am sick to death of the media’s speculation about it. What business is it of anyone else’s what any of us are as individuals? I don’t think my fans would care either way.”

oops sorry Cliff, i just cant help myself

source: Really Long Link

Comment by Luke

February 27th 2009 10:59
I read about it in Cliff's latest biography, there's a section in the book about and he strongly hints that they are gay for one another.

Comment by Morgan Bell

February 27th 2009 11:17
hi Luke,

yeah he could definately be gay, i wouldnt rule it out

all the famous persons on my list are just alleged, not confirmed (incl Cliff), so i havent seen a confirmation either way

i know Cliff is Christian and still publicly supports gay marriage, which in a way that makes him seem unafraid of religious backlash to his sexuality, but overtones of guilt and shame etc associated with how he grew up and family/church expectations may still apply when it comes to how "out" he wants to be

however keep in mind that many Asexuals have a "romantic orientation" that isnt based on sex drive

have you done a review of Cliff's book?

Comment by Anonymous

March 9th 2009 05:38
House bangs prostitutes. That is all.

Comment by Morgan Bell

March 9th 2009 08:53
hi anonymous,

House regularly makes reference to pornography and prostitutes, but i feel it is largely for shock value . . . he had a prostitute visit his home once but we didnt see what happened after she entered the apartment

his character may develop in a different direction as the show progresses, but currently he has shown an aversion to sexual relationships/intimacy

i wonder where the flirtation with Cuddy is heading?

on a side note, ive heard it said that Asexuals would make great prostitutes because they just dont care . . . food for thought!

Comment by matus infiniti

November 2nd 2009 09:40
hey....a pretty late comment for an old topic..but i was very interested to come across this thread....Here in India....asexuality is almost always merged with almost always implies abstinence from sex..and i have 2 such people to add to ur list....our former president..a scientist..Dr.Abdul Kalam...and our former pm..Atal Behari Vajpayee
and our mythology..places a great emphasis on brahmacharya..sexual abstinence..and homosexuality is still a big taboo..inspie of the influx of western ideas...just thought i wud share a bit of what i know..nice blog by the way

Comment by Anonymous-54

November 13th 2009 03:38
Can an asexual male produce children though? I mean, a lot of conditions need to be met for a child to be born, the first being him willing to have sex.

Comment by Allen

September 8th 2010 21:31

I'm a little confused about my own orientation, but I think I'm probably asexual.

I do find some women attractive, but my fantasies about them typically involve me talking to them.

Whenever I fantasize sex with aforementioned women, I get bored with the idea really fast. Its like I experience the attraction, but have no urge to act on it.

Am I asexual, or should I go for that awful testosterone replacement therapy or something?

Comment by Luke

September 8th 2010 23:00
I don't think you can be truly sure you are asexual until you've at least tried sex.

Comment by Morgan Bell

September 9th 2010 15:48
@ matus infiniti

Thanks for the info.

@ Anonymous-54

I presume you are aware of the plethora of non-hetero-intercourse ways to produce children. Basically the only criteria for a male is active sperm.

@ Allen

It's funny how the word "attraction" is used as an umbrella term for so many different meanings: good-looking, pretty, handsome, beautiful, eye-catching, sultry, sensual, seductive, engaging, charming, likable, warm, friendly, captivating, dynamic, exciting, fit, healthy, intelligent, funny etc.

And so often I find we describe people as "attractive" based on what we assume (or deduce) that other people find sexually appealing, even though it has little to do with our own feelings of sexual attraction.

The difference between a sexual orientation and a sexual dysfunction (that would require medical treatment) is basically whether you find your low/zero sex drive to be distressing. If you are cool with it then you are probably asexual, but only you can decide your identity.

You may also want to look into "grey asexuals", that is a person that exhibits some traits of an asexual person and some traits of a sexual person, they are in-betweeners.

Grey Asexuals explained.

@ Luke

Well by that reasoning a straight man can never know he is straight until he has engaged in same-sex intercourse.

I think each individual can decide for themselves who they are attracted to (or not) without some kind of standardised testing.

Even within straight men, not every man is attracted to every woman. Often people have heights, weights, shapes, colours (hair/skin), voices, body-hair, facial features etc. that they never go for. They don't have to sleep with every variety to know, it's just an innate sense.

Comment by Anonymous

January 9th 2011 21:55
I'm asexual....well probably greyasexual. I find guys attractive and used to have 'crushes' as a kid but vie never had the desire to have sex with someone. I've tried sex and don't really get the big deal about it.

Comment by Anonymous

May 15th 2011 03:30
1.) Uh... Jughead??? Just because he was in love w/ hamburgers doesn't mean that he was asexual.

2.) Dr. House has been bang Dr. Cuddy all season. So you can forget that.

3.) I would love to add Michael Jackson to the list because he never seemed straight or gay. & That pedophilia crap was just plain bullshit.

4.) Am I asexual because I have had no real interest in ANYONE, male or female in almost 20 years?

Comment by Anonymous

May 16th 2011 00:22
Add John James parton 2 ur list

Comment by Anonymous

May 16th 2011 00:23
Add John James parton 2 ur list

Comment by Anonymous

May 16th 2011 00:23
Add John James parton 2 ur list

Comment by Anonymous

July 9th 2011 09:52
sheldon & amy of the big bang theory.

Comment by Anonymous

July 9th 2011 09:59
im also writing a heroes fanfic (songofstars on i'll be making sylar's son asexual....after...figuring out a way to save him of course....i was going to go gay but then thought...nah gays have a lot of attention now. so im going ace.

Comment by Anonymous

October 3rd 2011 20:33
I'm asexual and I don't see what the big deal is. Some people just don't like/don't want sex.

Comment by Anonymous

November 1st 2011 04:34
The Doctor from Doctor Who isn't asexual anymore. He has a wife now and shags her as much as you can in a children's show - 2011

Comment by Anonymous

November 1st 2011 04:36
House has since gotten together with Cuddy - 2011

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