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Deep Pencil - The blog of Morgan Bell (author of Sniggerless Boundulations)


You have entered the random thinking space of Morgan Bell. These are my musings, things about my life written either off the top of my head or in a completely calculated fashion. This is where i flesh out writing ideas and discuss my life and my opinions.

Author bio: Bell’s short story "It Had To Be Done" was first published in the Newcastle Writers Group Anthology 2012, and her short story "Midnight Daisy" was published by YWCA Newcastle in 2013 as part of the She: True Stories project, with live readings on ABC 1233 in February 2014 and Newcastle Writers Festival in April 2014. Bell contributed a short story to the 2014 Hunter Speculative Fiction Anthology called “The Switch” which is based on Germanic folklore. It is due to be published in May 2014 alongside award-winning authors such as Margo Lanagan and Kirstyn McDermott. In March 2014 Bell's short story "Don't Pay The Ferryman", an anti-travel piece, was shortlisted for the Hunter Writer's Centre Travel Writing Prize 2014. Sniggerless Boundulations is Bell's debut collection of fifteen stories, touching on themes fear, time, aging, anxiety, and jealousy. The work is experimental in form and length, including flash fiction and vignettes, and is an examination of the horrors of life.

How To Contact Orble Admin

April 29th 2009 08:43
For the benefit of any new users who are uncertain as how to best navigate the site.

To report abuse, offensive posts and comments, and copyright infringement.


For technical issues like user names, emails, blog names, domains, post organisation, traffic stats, adsense, settings, themes, and formatting.


For general suggestions, observations, and non-urgent technical questions. Also for opinions and advice from other Orble writers about their blogging experiences.
(may take several days for posts to be approved)

GO TO: My Orble > Writers Forum

Writers Forum posts do not appear on homepage. Nor do posts marked "Mature". Non-Writers Forum posts which are about the Orble network or greivances about other Orble writers are often removed from homepage, relocated to the Writers Forum, or deleted by admin. If you see a post that is inappropriate for Orble homepage, notify admin via the "Complaints" email.

Self Administration

Each user is responsible for moderating the content on their own blog(s).

To delete an unwelcome comment, check you are logged in, the option "[Delete]" should appear beneath every comment on your post.

Every user with an Orble account has the ability to modify their comments. If you publish a comment and wish to ammend it due to spelling or content, check you are logged in, the option "[Modify]" should appear beneath any comment you have posted.

EXAMPLE: On my own blog

EXAMPLE: On someone elses blog

Every user can also adjust their personal blog settings for who is allowed to comment. You can allow anonymous or not, restrict comments to members or friends, or disable comments altogether.

GO TO: My Orble > Modify > Permissions



Many of the Senior writers on Orble, including myself, visit the Writers Forum to assist new users with technical advice. If you are having difficulty with any of the Orble functions, create a post on the Writers Forum, use the emails provided above, or send a Personal Message (PM) to one of the more experienced contributors.

This post is a companion article to Mr Nice Guy's "Open Letter To Orble Writers"
CLICKHERE to read - highly recommended for anyone interested in the reputation of the network.

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86 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by samaritan

April 29th 2009 06:50
That was really useful, Morgan. I found out heaps of stuff reading that that I didn't know before. It should be posted to new users or placed somewhere where it's easy for people to access if they need to find out something.


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 06:53
hi Samaritan,
well i am Spotlighting it on my blog here so people can reference it easily
i think many people are not aware of all their options
Jon may replicate this post wherever he sees fit
thanks for your comment

Comment by MrandMrsAbnormal

April 29th 2009 07:01
Dear Jon & Charles,

Thank you for that.

And here was me thinking Morgan was trying to run Orble. How deluded of me.

Comment by Elizabeth2-7

April 29th 2009 07:03
Glad I read this, thank you muchly, I've bookmarked it too.
I'm just getting back into the habit of a daily Orble read. The subscription emails are great reminders.

Comment by Anonymous

April 29th 2009 07:26
I can't log in, I've changed a setting but can't remember what, it must be my Alzheimer's!

These seem to be questions that keep getting asked over and over again and can be very hard to find in the FAQs. I'm surprised the powers that be didn't put something like this together earlier so thanks for putting all the info in one place.

I have received PMs from newer members asking if I know where some of these functions are and have dropped by to answer questions of the Writers' Forum myself. I remember how hard it was to find may way around when I started.

The tool I have found most useful now is the 'Verify Comments' option which is now on all of my blogs due to a couple of unwarranted nasty comments. I know it does turn some people off commenting if they have to wait for their comments to be verified by the moderator but it also prevents any fights that may occur from comments being left before the moderator sees them where somone else may take offence to it. Plus, then there is no need to delete a comment, you can choose just not to approve it. Me likey this tool. It saves much angst. I still want anons to be able to comment but I want to see what the comment is first.

Cheryl J

Comment by Natalina

April 29th 2009 07:33
Very helpful info. I agree that this should be listed somewhere where people can access it freely in the future.

Cheryl, I didn't even realize that there was a "verify comments" option!

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 08:35
hi David,
you are a very determined troll
from David, to Lady Henrietta Muddling, to Mistersmith, to MrsSmith, to MrandMrsAbnormal
i wonder if you will keep this persona for more than a week before you are banned for the forth time?
as Jon has already said to you:

David - no one forces you to write on Orble. If you are finding it such as unsuitable place to write then simply stop.

Really Long Link

yet you keep coming back . . .

hi Elizabeth,
im glad you have found this post helpful!
sometimes the answers to these sorts of questions are hard to find, i thinks its empowering to know what options you have when trolls descend

hi Cheryl,
excellent point about the "Verify Comments" option!
thanks for contributing to the knowledge pool!

just as a reference for anyone else reading:

GO TO: My Orble > Modify (as in STEP 1 above) > Publication

hi Natalina,
i think more comprehensive FAQs would assist people in finding this kind of information . . . like Cheryl, i remember how confusing this site was when i first started, so i think it really helps when the older users share their experiences and advice!
thanks for the comment!

Comment by Wilson Pon

April 29th 2009 09:19
Morgan, an applause from me to you here, way to go! You've listed out the most important things here, and I think you should get the credit from me.

Yeah, listen to what Morgan have said, if you don't want to screw out your own blog!

Comment by RubySoho

April 29th 2009 09:34
Haha. There's my Orble tag with big red letters spelling DELETE next to them. What are you trying to say Morgan?

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 09:45
hi Wilson,
what a wonderful positive comment!
thanks for the kind words!
i feel very honoured to have your applause and your credit!

hi Ruby,
haha no no its no reflection on you personally!
i thought i would select some screen grabs with a few friendly faces, a few of my favourite writers . . . i wonder if Norms gunna think im instructing people to delete him too? lol

Comment by Optomistic Opportunism

April 29th 2009 09:56

feel kinda out of touch knowing u can call urself a senior writer, i guess i'm ancient and don't keep up with all these technological wizz-bangs.. i do remember trying to delete a comment i made on another site once but could do nothing but modify.. gee i even embarrass myself sometimes.

well i know who to ask about IT issues around here now.

fanks for the info morgz,


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 10:27
hi Opto,
maybe you could be an elder or a veteren or part of the Orble alumni? lol
ive been kicking around this site for about 18 months now so i feel like i know it inside out, on the technical side anyway
i know when there is an Orble glich and identical comments get posted multiple times the only option is the ask the blog owner to remove the superfluous copies, it would be good if we could delete our own stuff
im sure i could learn a great deal from you when it comes to staying power and "arguments with the ignants"

Comment by Mr Nice Guy

April 29th 2009 11:55
Good on you Morgan!

I wonder how long it will be before your Most Popular Post will be unceremoniously deleted from the list given it will go some way to holding the heirachy to account . . . in the same fashion as my most recent effort seems to have touched a nerve - and found the Bermuda Triangle.

Keep the bas*#!ds honest I say.


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 12:06
hi MNG,
i think i posted this after Jon had gone home for the day, or logged off his computer, or whatever he does . . . i expect it will be taken off the popular list tomorrow as the topic matter is about the Orble network
i think you got a really good turn out on your post, it shows there are people out there who consider the trolls (or The Troll - David) to be a problem, but needed a forum like your Open Letter to voice their concerns

CLICKHERE to view MNG's post and add your opinions

Comment by jon

April 29th 2009 13:07
Nice post Morgan.

The best way to deal with annoying commenters is indeed to simply delete their comments, take a deep breath, and get on with the business of writing interesting and entertaining content.

If you feel like you are deleting comments all day then simply turn on comment verification until the offending party gives up.

I'll copy this post (or something similar) to one of the official Orble blogs, thanks for the offer Morgan.

As this is such a useful post I'll be leaving it on the popular list for a while, however please remember that posts about Orble should be made to the writer's forum, otherwise the popular list quickly becomes full of them.

Occassionally we will have problems such as people impersonating others. There are some loop-holes which people have been using to do this which I'm looking at closing. Meanwhile please report all abuse (thanks to all who have been doing so) and I'll keep banning accounts.

We also do have a "report this comment/post" system in the works. However it may be a week or two before it's ready.

Trolls are a problem on all popular blogging sites, and it's amazing we've not had worse problems on Orble before now. The best thing to do is simply to ignore them, deny them the oxygen of recognition, and get on with whatever you are on Orble to do.


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 13:26
hi Jon,

happy to help!

i had noticed some people were not aware they had the ability to delete comments on their own blogs, and barely anyone knows the official "Complaints" email

i look forward to the "Report Abuse" buttons, and hopefully even a "Block User" button in future

i posted this on Deep Pencil as i knew it would get more coverage than the Writers Forum, but i would be willing to work with you to to create a series of blog advice posts, or as i said above, you are welcome to replicate this post in full (or in part, or use it as a model etc)

ps: the recently created account "MrandMrsAbnormal" is just a trolling account created by David for the sole purpose of vilifying me

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 29th 2009 13:31
Hello Mogron Bell

I appreciate this advice, and found the tips in this blog very insightful. I'll be sure to put my moderating skills to the test.


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 13:35
hi Mau,
im glad you have found this post useful!
maybe if everyone understood how to moderate their own blogs a bit better, it would take some of the burden off Jon?
thanks for your comment

Comment by RubySoho

April 29th 2009 13:44
I appreciate this advice, and found the tips in this blog very insightful. I'll be sure to put my moderating skills to the test.

You could change your name to Mau Moderatin!

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 13:48
hi David,
i can always tell a tiger by its paw print . . .
whatever are you posting anonymously for?
account removed again?
oh well, no doubt we will see you tomorrow with an even more annoying persona . . . you are like the ebola virus, every new mutation more sickening than the last
i guess there really is some value in being nice, and so many benefits to sleeping with the boss

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 13:51
hi Ruby,
smooth moderator . . .

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 29th 2009 13:53
*giggles* RubySoho

This post is just full of helpful suggestions!

Come and work for us.
I think you should Morgan Bell; you'd be a formidable ally for the Orble Blogging Community. I would give you a 100% reference.


P.s. RubySoho, how do I change my name? You need to post some instructions hehe

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 14:13
hi Mau,
i know (well i think) you are kidding, but if you ever do want a name change you have to email Charles
im actually surprised Orble does not utilise some of its more experienced members as site moderators, many other forums and sites use volunteers from within their own communities to keep the peace during the hours the permanent staff are off work (or offline)

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 29th 2009 14:19
Morgan Bell,

It, my name, has been playing on my mind a lot the last several days. There have been two or three people launching rather slanderous comments towards me. I'm worried they may even hack into my account. Reading over some old posts, a member called Damo said he can track IP address and find where people live - I don't want psycho's like that showing up at my door!


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 14:31
hi Mau,
thats just terrible, Mau
the cyber bullying that goes on here is outrageous sometimes, a few of the old fossils are always picking on new users . . . its really uncalled for
Damo and David are a strange pair, they can be very hostile at times, but on the whole i think they are pretty harmless . . . bark bigger than bight, and all that jazz

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 29th 2009 14:50
Hello Morgan

Intellectual impotence springs to mind. But to each his own I suppose, and what's interesting to one may well be dull as dishwater to another, and so on. That is why I believe people on a blogging network, should just steer clear of what they do not like or aren't interested in; stick by those with whom you can foster some sort of common blogging relationship, and give the rest a miss!

I've always considered myself to be a fairly paranoid kind of person... Orble, and the aforementioned members, quite frankly aren't helping me overcome this hehehe

Stay true to yourself, and let those who seek to judge you, condemn themselves in the process.


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 14:53
hi Mau,
very wise words . . .
thanks for the comment!

Comment by Whitney

April 29th 2009 15:12
Ooo delete option is great. I only use it if I catch spam before the Orble staff does or if I get a rude, nasty comment, such as the one I got today saying women are inferior to men. I wanted to respond, but knew that's what he wanted. I'm not here to fight. But, apparently many are having problems with the same guy.

Great post Morgan. I think by adding the email addresses that will definitely help out.

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 15:24
hi Whitney,
its surprising how many misogynists are still out there in this day and age!
good decision to just delete and not let it bother you!
i think its important that the correct email addresses for complaints are circulated, as so many people seem to not know how to contact Orble admin when they witness or experience abuse
thanks for the comment

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 15:46
speaking of misogynists . . . .

hi David,

as Ruby once said to Damo:

I hope you are a psychologist in real life. Because truly, the way you have penetrated the fortress of our collective minds is a wonder to behold.

now theres no need to get all nasty with me and Jon because you cant control your own behaviour

i dont feel manipulated by Jon, i feel quite comfortable around Jon, and i consent to participating in Jon's little exploit as it is mutually beneficial

do you remember what consent is? or are you so busy verbally molesting people youve forgotten?

Comment by sam sall

April 29th 2009 20:30
thank you Morgan.
WHAT CAN WE be without your tutorial post
really whenever i need to look up for something in orble i just search the writing forum and usually i find you giving wonderful and clear instruction and if i did not find my answer i'll just send you a message . May be we need to have "ask Morgan how post "every once a while
thank you again and keep up the good work.

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 29th 2009 23:49
hi Sam,
what great feedback!
im pleased that you have a few different avenues for finding the answers to your questions, im happy to respond to queries here or in the Writers Forum or by PM, so dont ever hesitate to ask!
thanks so much for the lovely comment!

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 00:55
now now David, calm down buddy

was it really necessary to post such a long comment?

lets boil it down . . .

im Asexual, you tried to pick me up when i first joined Orble because you think its a dating site, i declined, you got frustrated, you started spamming every post on the network with anti-Morgan crap to get my attention, you got banned, you came back and commenced the same ridiculous behaviour, you got banned again, now youre suing

David, really dude, move on with your life and get over this cyber crush . . . get over this jealousy of Norm and Jon and "Ed" . . . im not going to sleep with you David, its not going to happen, so find someone else to annoy

so you cant stand that im an Atheist, and you cant stand that i write about entertainment and the arts, and you think because im Asexual that makes me a trollop and a prick tease?

those are your issues David, i have no desire to win your approval, and i will not be changing anything about myself . . . if you dont like me, stop visiting my blog, and for gods sake stop obsessing over me

Or maybe you'll turn it into an atheistic gay site without the porn? What a joke. Miss I love the gay community but I'm so moral and hate porn? Get a grip you ditz.

as for this, i think it is YOU who need to get a grip, ive never said anything about porn, the recent protest posts were by Moonglow, Katyzzz, and Mau Meddlin, with Lilla being particularly vocal about her disgust in comments . . . not me

i know you like to turn me into some demonic character who is responsible for all that is wrong in the world, but frankly David you have issues with women

theres nothing wrong with a woman being single, or unmarried, or childless, or gay . . . there is nothing wrong with being queer . . . if you cant respect my sexuality then please take your huffing and puffing elsewhere

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 03:26
hi Norm,

to capture a screen grab you press the printscreen "PrtSc" button on your keyboard (usually the top right), then open MS Paint, click Edit > Paste, then click File > Save As, and chose a title and save as a jpg file
i then open it in MS Office Picture Manager to crop

im so glad i could reel you in to this post, if you put your grip gloves on before commencing the game that would never happen

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 03:28
hi David,
back again already?
im glad you have an extensive photo collection of me to fawn over . . .

Comment by RubySoho

April 30th 2009 03:46
I'm just glad that there is a guy called Damo on this site. Cos he's going to take you to the cleaners man.

Can you ask him to swing by my place first? Cause I have this really pretty blue dress with a nasty red wine stain on the left boob. I'd really like to wear the dress again and if Damo's cleaners are as good as you say, then they should be able to take care of it.

Cheers, anyway let me know.


Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 03:53
hi Ruby,
HAHA i think that might be even better than Brenton saying:

Perhaps you could file a pantsuit.

i think if anyone was going to sue for defamation it would be Jon, have you seen the comments on this post: Really Long Link

Comment by Cheryl J

April 30th 2009 04:43
Hi Morgan, my sign-in issue seems to have been fixed.

This is just a suggestion and one you should not feel in any way compelled to take but as the moderator of this post I think you should delete ALL of the comments on this post that don't pertain to the actual subject of how to find tools that we need.

This is a really informative article which I think many are finding helpful but it is getting clouded by comments going back and forth like a bad tennis match and some helpful tips may end up getting lost by people getting fed up with reading the comments and give up half way through.

Comment by Jason King

April 30th 2009 06:09
Nice work as always Morgan - thanks for your comments too. I think I may have peed myself with laughter.
I challenge you and David to a Sumo costume fight - or maybe real lightsabres. Who knows.

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 10:04
hi Cheryl,
looks like Jon has already removed a few from David, i might take your advice and do a "spring clean" and tidy up all the comments, dicarding the irrelevant ones, once all the hostility has calmed down . . . i think David is in his last throws of death, well i hope

hi Jason,
id like to have a human cock fight where we both had metal wolverine claws!
although perhaps we've had enough of David being a cock for one day . . .

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 10:28
oh Ed, how you have been missed!

i take it you are referring to this comment from David:

She wants a good fuck as much as the next woman. If Ed had a dick, she'd let him fuck her. But he's got a teeny peeny, so she keeps him on board as her bestest friend in cyber land and they hehe and lol a lot about things that mean nothing to the real person.

Jon can you just go and slip Morgan a length? If you have a dick that is.

Really Long Link

im not sure who should be most insulted?

Comment by Jason King

April 30th 2009 10:33
Wow - it really is war isn't it? So much anti love that I have missed.

Everyone - alcoholism solves all, either that or bucket bongs. Trust me - I have years of research.

Remember Ed - it's not the size of the wand - it's the magic within and how you use it

Comment by Alt_ed

April 30th 2009 10:38
Yep! That's the one.. Funny, for a 'straight' male, David sure likes to check me out in the locker room. I don't know that Mr Four-Inches of Pleasure should really be criticising others about their shlong size. Didn't David's wife divorce him? Gosh - who's got the tiny knob now eh?

But really, I must confess, if I did have a bigger penis I'd be chocker block up your clacker in an instant Morgan! You little frizzy haired cougar! RRRRRRHH!!


P.s. David, this comment is NOT directed at you, therefore there is NO need to respond... I suggest you go and belt one out with Damo if you're feeling tense honey.

Comment by Alt_ed

April 30th 2009 10:40
Um Jason,

alcoholism solves all, either that or bucket bongs.
That's David's problem - he's a fucking ALCOHOLIC JUNKIE!! Hepatitis anyone?

Comment by Janet Collins

April 30th 2009 11:27
We all hope that the comments will be interesting and colourful. However, most of them go beyond that as we know.

What to do?

Your post gives one way.

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 11:47
hi Jason,
id root David for a joint right now

hi Alt_Ed,
belt one out? HAHAHahaha
no one can replicate you honey, they broke the mould with your sense of humour . . .

hi Janet,
i love passionate debate and the exchanging of different ideas, after all we are all the product of a lifetimes worth of different experiences . . . but people like David are like chinese water torture with their irrelevant rambling spam
i guess theres four options really
1) prevent it by disabling or verifying comments or blocking users
2) delete it yourself as it happens
3) report it to admin so the offender can be cautioned or removed
4) negotiate with the offender without deleting what they said, ie: explain the limits of what you will tolerate, ask them to modify their language, warn them that further disrespect will result in deletion

Comment by jimmy

April 30th 2009 12:28
All so brave when your in a gang, aren't you?

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 12:35
hi Jimmy,
you gotta be brave man

Comment by RubySoho

April 30th 2009 13:20
Will the real Jimmy please stand up?

Comment by jimmy

April 30th 2009 13:22
Isn't that nice. Comments deleted leaving only a one-sided argument. Now that's really interesting. In more ways than one.

Comment by RubySoho

April 30th 2009 13:25
Jimmy, when creating a fake persona don't overdo it.

Just how many times do you want to be banned from this network.

Not one for subtle hints are you?

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 13:27
hi Jimmy,
first stop Morgan, second stop Damo . . . no flies on you
the David comments were removed by Jon, not by me, i imagine because others had complained about the language and sexual hostility
if you want to take it up with Jon, the complaints email is listed above

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 30th 2009 13:33
I can always spot David's* Tamil Tiger Tracks! Go AWAY!!

Like RubySoho said Davie, DON'T OVER DO IT!


Comment by Whitney

April 30th 2009 13:35
Morgan, I'm sure that the IP address could also be blocked, not just the user. If you ban just the user, he can easily comment via Anonymous comments.

HubPages has had to ban IP addresses bc of people leaving nasty comments with registered and unregistered names.

I think this would be the best option for people like David and others who do this... IE the registered user who left me the nasty comment about women being inferior creatures the other day.

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 13:52
hi Mau,
he really is a pest hey

hi Whitney,
on MNGs post (the one i linked at the end of my original article), Fog said he has talked to Jon about blocking IPs before and apparently Orble does not have the resources/technology to do it . . . although it might be worth posting about on the Writers Forum just to check
i wish people like David would have some self-control and just stop bothering everyone else

hi Ruby,
maybe hes working on the premise of not wanting to be part of any club that would have him as a member?
its Australias new serial pest!

Comment by jimmy

April 30th 2009 14:13
What the ??? I can't make comments on other posts? What's the problem?

Comment by jimmy

April 30th 2009 14:25
This is incredible. i havent posted for a while but i've been watching and reading. What are you accusing me of?

Comment by Whitney

April 30th 2009 14:30
Hmm... it is odd that they can't do it... They should really work on figuring a way how... But, I guess if they don't have a high number of similar situations where the same IP address harasses people, spams, etc. then there wouldn't be a need for it.

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 14:46
dont overdo it Jimmy, why leave two comment where one will suffice?
you were already deleted from Norms blog

hi Whitney,
yeah i think its mostly one large never-ending case
hey i asked them to consider "Report Abuse" buttons for all posts and comments about 6 months ago and Jon reckons that will be up and running in coming weeks . . . so it never hurts to make a suggestion

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 30th 2009 14:49
I had a summer job, working for a small website here in Melbourne. It was run by a team of under 10 staff... we had the ability to block people's IP addresses. It was fairy simple.

The thing is, people can change their IP address pretty simply... and sometimes when blocking an IP you may inadvertently block other people who have done nothing wrong; if they all share the same IP.


Comment by jimmy

April 30th 2009 14:57
i've got no idea what your on about. Why would i have been deleted from anywhere? Can you explain, in clear language waht are you actually sayng?

Comment by jimmy

April 30th 2009 14:59
I posted that comment twice. Mistake. Sorry. I am just so confused about what is really going on here?

Comment by Mau-Medellin

April 30th 2009 15:08

I think a lot of people are very dubious of all the new persona's sprouting like daises around Orble. It's because there was this one troglodyte in particular, who just went around preaching about God, and being a good catholic. He was so draining. Anyway, he kept being blocked from the site, and each time has just come back under a different name.

So that is where Morgan is coming from, I believe she believes you are that said Troglodyte.

Obviously she is wrong though, because you have not yet mentioned your 'manhood' or sex, or being abused by your mother, or menstrual cycles.

So no matter what Jimmy, you have a friend in Mau

Comment by Morgan Bell

April 30th 2009 15:10
why the agressive comments?
why go over to Norms blog and ask if ive slept with David?
something David never learned was to first examine his own behaviour before pointing to me to explain why so many people complained about him

Comment by Whitney

April 30th 2009 20:22
Morgan, it's true... I mean I see that Yahoo is now added to the share it links, and I asked about that a good while back, and was doing it manually... Glad I took them off or they'd be two per blog post. Ha.

Mau that is true, in that you do punish the good people using the say IP, and that people can change their IP but not everyone knows how. And, personally I find it better to just ban troubling IP's, especially if they're insulting people as badly as has been done here, and elsewhere on the site.

Jimmy, not to be rude, but if you don't know what's going on, leave it be... Sometimes it's better to stay ignorant of the situation at hand.

Comment by RubySoho

April 30th 2009 21:42
Oh give it up Jimmy. I know you are Mistersmith. Now I know you could very well be Teresa MisterSmith and not David Mistersmith, but for all intents and purposes you are pretty much the same person now right? Cover your tracks will you. For crying out loud, it took me all about five seconds to find out who you are.

And nice homophobic rant there David. Goes well with the anti-Semitic rant you left on Samaritan's post. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what a real bigot looks like.

Comment by Tracy

April 30th 2009 23:15
All the comments antics are so unbelievable and never-ending...

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 1st 2009 01:30
hi David,

Alt_Ed is a good friend of mine, ive never made any secret of that . . . i also did not protest his removal as some of his behaviour was nearly as bad as yours, thats a decision for Jon to make

but with Alt_Ed at least i can see his motives were to defend himself against your barrage of homophobic slurs, you would frequently left hateful remarks on his posts (and all over the network) insulting him about his sexuality, its not that surprising that he would respond to you in a similar level of maturity

as for pictures of you with a cock in your mouth, perhaps you could take some responsibility for yourself . . . dont put cocks in your mouth and photograph yourself . . . and dont taunt gay people about their sex lives and act all wounded when they expose your personal homoerotica

Jimmy is not Alt_Ed, Jimmy is one of your projects David . . . play dumb all you like, you seem pretty good at it

this is the last comment from you i will be allowing on my blog, and not because you are offensive (even though you often are) but because you are boring and tiring

Queer friendly? What a joke. There's nothing friendly about you lot.

Everyone else has to go so you can dribble your queer rubbish on Orble?

Contrary to your own opinion Morgan, not everyone on Orble wants a queer-friendly site.

these kind of comments are unacceptable on my blog
take your homophobia elsewhere

examine your own behaviour before crying about why you have been banned

look at how much you slag off Jon and Norm and homosexuals, then think to yourself "did Morgan get me banned, or did i get myself banned"

try a bit of of self-awareness, David

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 1st 2009 01:42
hi Whitney,
well thats promising, you request a Yahoo add-to button and you eventually get it . . . i guess we just have to be patient with some things, its frustrating when you feel like your complaints/suggestions are being ignored, but i can now see Jon does take the writing community seriously

hi Ruby,
yes i saw that anti-Semetic rant, David is a sickening human being
apparently you and i are so evil we must have "hooked noses" ie: be Jewish
Really Long Link

hi Tracy,
im actually going to turn this blog to "Verify Comments" because it is now apparent that even when David has his account(s) removed he is just as unyielding as an anoymous commenter
it is never-ending, and i dont really know how best to defuse the situation . . . he wants me to stop writing for the network, but i dont think i should have to leave just to avoid a bully
i will be deleting anything further i see from David

Comment by techman

May 1st 2009 02:03
hi, wow that was the best orble post i have read in a long time i can tell that took a long time I have only been here for 4-6 months i took a short break for reasons but how long does it thake charles to respond to your emails.

Thanks again for that post i learned alot

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 1st 2009 02:10
hi Techman,
sometimes technical questions can be answered by the other users, and sometimes they are things that only admin can change, but it doesnt hurt to ask on the Writers Forum just incase one of the other bloggers can field the question
i think when you first start up there are lots of house-keeping things that need sorting out, like domains and adsense and usernames, but once youve been around the network for awhile you figure out the who, where, and how of asking questions
thanks so much for your supportive comment!

Comment by Cibbuano

May 15th 2009 01:29
wow, this is awesome. Thanks for writing that up Morgan!

Comment by Tracy

May 15th 2009 05:44
I just used this contact info as I've just discovered that my blog has been given away. I haven't been able to log in for about a week now and now someone else has taken over my blog. Someone else has access to all my work and reviews. I am horrified. All without me knowing.

Yes (to Jon and Orble), I haven't been posting for a while now, but that's no reason to do this without my permission and at least the decency of letting me know and the chance to do something.

I thought Orble contacted people who haven't posted in a while instead of just giving their blog away. Why wasn't I contacted so that I could do something?

Thanks for the info, Morgan.

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 15th 2009 09:19
hi Cibbuano,
im glad you like it!
i think some of the Orble dramas occur because people dont know their rights and options, or the correct procedure etc
ummm you can tell i worked in Local Government for a long time hey haha

hi Tracy,
one of my blogs was in the inactive list (Current Business News) but i had not posted to it for a very long time, to remedy the situation i posted something last night, i think we only have 60 days of inactivity before it goes to the Orble graveyard
although, that being said, we did used to get automated reminder emails asking if we intended to continue writing on the inactive blog
i dont know what happened to that procedure

if anyone has been having problems with accessing their account or blogs, please see the following post by Jon

CLICKHERE to view "Password Reset" on Orble News

another thing to note is that as of this week the "Report Abuse" buttons have been installed and appear at the bottom of every post and comment, so if you read something offensive and want to flag it as inappropriate, first check you are logged in and then hit "[Report]" beneath the offending material


Comment by Tracy

May 15th 2009 23:24
Hi Morgan

Thanks for that. I didn't receive any email or reminder that I needed to post or lose my blog...hence my horror. I was frustrated that I couldn't log in and then when I did, I discovered I have no blog anyway. Bloody brilliant. And now my posts on the Writers Forum and Tracy's Blog are not coming up so I have no idea what is happening.

I've written to Jon and hopefully something can be sorted out. It's nothing against the new person, it's about Orble not notifying me.


Comment by Morgan Bell

May 16th 2009 07:32
hi Tracy,

(ive already said this on the Orble News post, so ill just cut and paste it)

maybe while you are waiting for a response (or action) from Jon you could contact the new owner of the blog and ask that they dont delete or alter anything in the meantime?

perhaps if they have only very recently taken it over, and you explained your situation, they would be willing to negotiate sharing it or giving it back?

i hope it all gets sorted out

Comment by Tracy

May 16th 2009 07:58
HI Morgan

I really appreciate your advice. I'll ask the new owner to do that, he seems ameniable and friendly and as I said, it's nothing personal against him. He was offered a blog and he liked it, fair enough.

I just looked at the dates on my blog and my last post was at the end of Feb and the new owner took over abt 10 days later. There was no 60-day period which angers me even more.

I'll just have to carry on trying to get somewhere,

Thanks again,


Comment by Tracy

May 16th 2009 08:07
It gets worse, somehow there are a whole load of new posts on my blog while I was also posting. This means the new owner had access to my blog while it was still mine. All without my knowledge or permission.


Comment by Cheryl J

May 17th 2009 13:37
Tracy, that is so wrong. I know that after 60 days they put it in the cemetery but you should at least be notified. Sometimes things happen that prevent us from blogging and it seems wrong to give it away without any notification. Is there a possibility that you and the new blogger could share like Ruby Soho and Winston? I know it's not the same but at least you could still blog on it. Ouch!

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 17th 2009 14:15
hi Tracy,

yeah the new owner is Jake5 and he seems to be a pretty cool guy . . . i had a look at Movies & Life and he seems to have been posting regularly there for quite a long time

did you only notice on Friday afternoon?

sometimes Jon is away from Orble on weekends, but im sure (well i hope) he will address your concerns Monday

hi Cheryl,

yes Ruby and Winston had a similar problem and they agreed to share, although Winston ended up posting less and less frequently and its become more Ruby's now anyway

Comment by Tracy

May 17th 2009 21:16
Hi Morgan

I replied to Mich on April the 15th and my blog was in tact then, yet there are posts by the new owner dated before then, so I've no idea how that could've happened. I would've noticed the change, the new banner, the colour, it all.

I have no idea what happened.

Thanks for your help,


Comment by RubySoho

May 17th 2009 23:13
Actually I did offer to give the blog back to Winston but he didn't really want it full any case it was inactive for a few months before I took it over so it's a different situation...

Comment by Morgan Bell

May 18th 2009 05:52
re: Tracy's "Movies & Life" blog being reallocated, Jon has said the following:

Hi Tracy,

I'll send an email to the new writer and see if he would mind if I moved him to another blog.

In future please let me know if you are not going to post for a while. An email is sent out when your blog is placed on the inactive list. I'll check to make sure that system is still working.


Really Long Link

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 24th 2009 05:23
Jon has recently addressed Dispute Resolution on THIS POST.


Orble News - June 2009
Dispute Resolution on Orble
June 24th 2009 04:36

A reminder to everyone on how to go about resolving disputes and reporting abuse on Orble.

If you spot any spam, offensive material, or if you think another blogger has stepped over the line of acceptable behaviour then click on the "Report" link which you will find underneath each post and comment.

This will notify Orble support of that post/comment who will then take appropriate action, which is usually deletion of the offending post/comment and sometimes the deletion of the offender's Orble account.

Note that Orble cannot be monitored 24/7, especially on Weekends. It's just not financially viable to do so. Please have patience. Your report will be attended to as soon as we are able. Asking nicely will most likely get a better response than abusing the staff.

If the offending comment is on your blog feel free to delete it once you've made a report as all the relevant information such as IP Address, author, and content will have been recorded.

If you have further comments to add to your report send them to support -at-, however you should always make a report first so that all the relevant information is recorded.

Once a member has been banned from Orble we will do our best to keep them off, however this is very difficult. IP Addresses usually change each time someone's modem connects to their ISP and so provide a very poor way of identifying someone over periods of more than a day or so. An ISP can usually identify someone from their IP address however only law enforcement agencies can request this information.

If you suspect that another blogger is a banned blogger who has returned then report a post or comment they have made and then contact support -at- Unfortunately I cannot ban a blogger because someone suspects they are someone else. I need a matching IP address or cookie (with can be changed by anyone with a little technical know-how). Of course if the new blogger again breaks the rules or admits that they are the old blogger then they can be banned again.

If you are having trouble with someone on your blog (and are sick of deleting comments) then I recommend that you set your blog to enable comment verification before publication until the problem passes.

If you feel that someone has broken the law and want to take it further then contact the relevant authorities. If they think your complaint warrants consideration they can then contact Orble and we will provide as much information as we can to help the investigation. We cannot hand over personal details such as an IP address to other bloggers to conduct their own investigation.

If you inform Orble that you will be proceeding with legal action against us (instead of contacting the authorities) then all correspondence between Orble and the blogger must then proceed through legal channels. This includes your Orble account and blog which we will need to suspend until the matter is resolved so please be careful what you say in the heat of the moment.

Where we judge that a blogger has got out of line to an extent which does not warrant an immediate ban we will issue a warning via the email address they used to register on Orble. Once a blogger has received three warnings they will be banned from Orble.

As a general guideline we encourage robust debate on Orble, however try not to insult or abuse other bloggers. Argue the point, rather than the person.

There is a link to this post in your menu for later reference.

Orble cannot check every post and comment. We rely on the community to let us know about offensive material and abuse so please be pro-active.


Comment by Morgan Bell

June 25th 2009 15:34
Jon has announced he will be enforcing a Three Strike Policy commencing today (25th June 2009), see details on THIS POST


Orble News - June 2009
Three Strike Policy
June 24th 2009 22:32

The new "Three Strikes and Your Out" policy outlined in the Dispute Resolution Post will be enforced from tomorrow -- the 25th of June Australian time -- the delay is to give everyone a fair amount of time to read this post.

If you place a comment or post which insults or demeans another blogger, rather than arguing the point, and that comment is reported, you will be given a warning sent to the email address used to register with Orble. Three warnings and your account will be banned.

All debate on Orble should be conducted in a civilised manner. I realise this utopian vision will not happen in reality, and most likely a number of bloggers will be banned. However the amount of time Orble support is spending on simple childish bickering is getting out of hand.

Orble staff will be the final judge of what is considered an insult or demeaning. Be aware that much of what has been allowed to continue in the past as "colourful debate" will now be considered beyond the pale.

This policy will most likely only have an impact on a very small minority of bloggers on Orble. For everyone else -- thanks for keeping Orble a fun and friendly place.


Comment by ray tapajna

April 13th 2013 19:46
Can not log into my Orble .
Reset password does not work
Requested help many times for the past two weeks but no one responds/
Please advise
Ray Tapajna
Tapsearch Com Editor
at or

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