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Deep Pencil - The blog of Morgan Bell (author of Sniggerless Boundulations)


You have entered the random thinking space of Morgan Bell. These are my musings, things about my life written either off the top of my head or in a completely calculated fashion. This is where i flesh out writing ideas and discuss my life and my opinions.

Author bio: Bell’s short story "It Had To Be Done" was first published in the Newcastle Writers Group Anthology 2012, and her short story "Midnight Daisy" was published by YWCA Newcastle in 2013 as part of the She: True Stories project, with live readings on ABC 1233 in February 2014 and Newcastle Writers Festival in April 2014. Bell contributed a short story to the 2014 Hunter Speculative Fiction Anthology called “The Switch” which is based on Germanic folklore. It is due to be published in May 2014 alongside award-winning authors such as Margo Lanagan and Kirstyn McDermott. In March 2014 Bell's short story "Don't Pay The Ferryman", an anti-travel piece, was shortlisted for the Hunter Writer's Centre Travel Writing Prize 2014. Sniggerless Boundulations is Bell's debut collection of fifteen stories, touching on themes fear, time, aging, anxiety, and jealousy. The work is experimental in form and length, including flash fiction and vignettes, and is an examination of the horrors of life.

Never had plastic surgery?

November 6th 2008 15:33
Have you ever looked at Dr Phil's wife close up?

Robin McGraw is almost always in the audience of his shows and she is usually filmed walking backstage with him hand in hand as the show finishes.

Robin McGraw was in the audience in a show i watched recently where he was trying to persuade young girls that plastic surgery would not fix their self-esteem problems. I actually agree with him on this one. But when they panned to his wifes face i thought "gee thats a bit hypocritical!"

Apparently Robin claims to have never had plastic surgery, but i just dont know what else could explain her face looking so plastic?

Robin has never had plastic surgery, but she has found some non-surgical options that she says can make it look like you've had a face-lift. She's so enthusiastic about one treatment called ReFirme that she's sitting Rach down in the chair to give it a try!

Profile on Rachael Ray

Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw

Robin McGraw

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22 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Norm

November 6th 2008 21:06
You can't fault her on her hair though.

Comment by alt_ed

November 6th 2008 21:23
Ha-Ha well Morgan Dr. Phil is perhaps one of TV's all time BIGGEST HYPOCRITES! But where do you start? He's not even allowed to practice in his home state (where he went to Uni).

I think sometimes though, celebrities in the US like to make them selves look plastic even when they've not had a nip or tuck. It's the PLATINUM WHITE teeth, the beauty pageant hair, the botox...

In Ronin's case though, well I dare say she's had to WORKS!

Comment by Cheryl J

November 6th 2008 23:42
Do you know what annoys me the most about this. Her and her ridiculous husband are always banging on about self-esteem issues etc. There is NO WAY that woman has not had plastic surgery. It is physically impossible for a woman of her age to have no frown lines, crows feet or lines of the nasolabial folds without intervention and there is no cream or potion on the market that can eradicate it. Plus she has the classic 'pulled tight' surgery look and the lack of expression caused by way too much botox and fillers such as collagen.

By denying surgery he is creating an unrealistic image which is a direct reason for women having low self-esteem issues.

I have no problem with people having a bit of maintenance done but why not admit it? And for someone who does what she does for a living, it's disgraceful.

Wow, that was a long winded bitch wasn't it?

Comment by Mister Smith

November 7th 2008 00:22
I have watched quite a bit of Dr Phil show. And, God, he can be so patronizing but he is is usually right on the mark. Many times I have seen Robyn and said (to my 14 year-old son who switches on the show) - "She's definitely had plastic surgery" so I was very surprised and half disbelieving when I saw the show that you are talking about, Morgan. Her face definitely has that "look" however, she swore she hadn't had it and she didn't appear to be lying. I came to the conclusion that she has had botox/collagen/whatever treatment via injection and, obviously, re-capped teeth. Strictly speaking 'surgery' just means being cut. Injecting foreign substances into your body is not sugery. I think she looks weird. I find that issue hypocritical on so many levels and I agree with Cheryl that she should admit it. Thay are all for openness and honesty aren't they?

Comment by Lady Henrietta Muddling

November 7th 2008 02:05
What's up with her top lip? Is it stapled to her teeth?

Comment by the-sandwich-shak

November 7th 2008 02:58
Awwww, there's nothing you can say to make me stop watching Dr Phil....the man is common sense himself, and for America, that's not a bad thing!!

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 7th 2008 05:04
hi Norm,
oh her hair is gorgeous and perfect, i can easily concede that!

hi alt_ed,
you raise an interesting point, maybe Robin doesnt consider that botox and collagen come under the banner of "plastic surgery" . . . maybe she can lie under a technicality . . . i would love to see someone ask her about specific procedures!

hi Cheryl,
well ive always thought of you as a long winded bitch! haha
nah, i actually think you are spot on with this one, the problem isnt whether she has had it done or not, the problem is that impressionable people watch her on the day everyday and are presented with an unattainable body image . . . its just adding to low self esteem!
thanks for telling us straight!

Comment by Cheryl J

November 7th 2008 05:05
David, that's the collagen lip effect. Really natural isn't it?

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 7th 2008 05:10
hi Mister Smith,
Strictly speaking 'surgery' just means being cut. Injecting foreign substances into your body is not sugery. I think she looks weird.
yes, i think you could be right there!
i still think it looks like shes had an eye-lift, and i still think the whole thing is terribly dishonest!
thanks for stopping in and sharing your analysis!

hi David,
BAHAHAhahaha ahhhhh that was a LOL moment!
stapled to her teeth!
its funny cos its true!
shes gone a bit overboard with the collagen hey

hi Sandwich Shak,
hey im a regular viewer of Dr Phil myself!
i dont agree with him all the time but its usually interesting viewing!
i just found that his stance on plastic surgery obviously did not apply to his wife!

Comment by Lady Henrietta Muddling

November 7th 2008 05:48

Hahahaha. About as natural as French kissing a woman with braces?


This collagen? Does it come in staple form? I've seriously got no idea. Can you use an office stapler? She'd look a lot better with a couple of A4 documents stapled to her forehead.

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 7th 2008 06:02
hi Cheryl,
is it just me or does collagen NEVER seem to look good?

hi David,
who knew people would pay to have a hare lip!
this woman should never be let loose in an office environment!

Comment by Wynona Lavota

November 7th 2008 06:19
Yeah she has some electro-something procudure. Whatever, she still looks plastic. IMO age shows character, experience and hopefully wisdom, so why everyone's off to look like a blank canvas I'll never know.

Comment by Mister Smith

November 7th 2008 06:28
Just another thought...So many (esp. American) acresses/entertainers/etc DO look weirdly plastic and some look downright creepy. What about the wife of that Visy cardboard guy (forget the name)? Yikes! Cher looks like a doll (and not in a good way) and Priscilla Presley looks a total fright. What I find disturbing is that these women are often complimented on their youthful appearance - by the media and by other women. Do women really prefer 'fake' to 'old' or are they just being nice or are they so lacking in self-esteem discernment that they put the phony glamour above themselves.

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 7th 2008 06:50
hi Wynona,
haha blank canvas . . . great description!
i really like your outlook on the subject, facial lines can look really beautiful, i think they show on the face of someone who has loved and laughed alot - i dont know why these women want to remove all of them!

hi Mister Smith,
i think the most shocking is probably Joan Rivers!
but i agree with your examples also
i thought it was quite funny when Goldie Hawn basically appeared as a parody of herself in Firsy Wives Club with the trout pout!

Comment by Janet Collins

November 7th 2008 11:30
Hey guys, everyone here has limited their criticisms and their examples of plastc surgery to women. Think about our own Bert Newton. Now that's a pretty tragic example of plastic surgery gone wrong if ever I have seen one.

Apologies for those outside of Australia because they won't even know who I am talking about.

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 7th 2008 11:37
hi Janet,
oh i can think of plenty of men: Kenny Rogers and Mickey Rourke come to mind immediately
and for any footy (AFL) followers in Australia you really cant go past Sam Newman! haha

Comment by Cheryl J

November 7th 2008 12:02
Oh my God, what about Burt Reynolds?? He looks like his face was caught in the bus doors. Eeeek.

I for one, am proud of my wrinkles, it took me many years to earn them. They show that I laugh and smile a lot and that I have also frowned much through pain. My life is etched out for the world to see and I don't care. I like looking like a human. I would however prefer that my arse was a separate entity to the back of my knees but you can't have everything and gravity is taking hold hahahaha.

Comment by Morgan Bell

November 7th 2008 12:40
hi Cheryl,
maybe we could get a collection entirely of Bu[/e]rts? haha
i think a small (medium, large) amount of alcohol applied librally to your liver tends to keep a person well preserved . . . and you, my dear, are a total knockout!

Comment by Anonymous

November 10th 2010 02:45
Actually, you guys are wrong about that there is "no way she could look that way without plastic surgery". Personally I know many raw food/vegan diet individuals who look absolutely fantastic and at least 20 years younger than their true ages due to their diets and exercise. I am 50 years old, and most people say I look like I am in my thirties.

Comment by Anonymous

February 23rd 2011 06:15
I think all of you people are very cruel.I am 65 yrs.old and i don't have crowsfeet or wrinkles.I have a smooth jawline and my neck looks great for 65.I have had no work done,just good living and eating the right foods .Also using good cosmetics. Robin looks great,.whether or not she has had cosmetic surgery is not the point, she is helping others to have self confidence and love themselves.I believe she and Dr. Phil are both great and will continue to help others for many years to come. God bless you all and please , learn to love yourself and not judge Robin. Louisiana

Comment by Anonymous

October 17th 2011 19:54
who ever made the comment about rawfood vegans is spot on I am 38 and a rawfood vegan and 18 year olds hit on me all the time. I am old enough to be their mom. If you take care of yourself and stop eating animal products and chemicals, stay out of the sun You will age gracefully. As for Robin I don't believe her because she looks nip tucked and pulled. However I think she means well and has a chosen image to uphold. I think it's great to take care of yourself and age gracefully but naturally. I think she has done a bit much.

Comment by Anonymous

October 17th 2011 19:58
Also who ever made that bad comment about Dr. Phil is ridiculous Dr. Phil is handsome and has a great personality and smile. Being bald or balding doesn't make a man unattractive If you are handsome man for real Hair or no hair you will still be handsome Let take our heads out of our a$$'s and be fair and honest!

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