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Deep Pencil - the musings of Morgan Bell

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it did it really make a sound? If i post a blog and nobody reads it was there really any point? You have entered the random thinking space of Morgan Bell . . . These are my musings . . . things about my life written off the top of my head . . . written in an informal disjointed style almost completely devoid of punctuation, this is where i flesh out writing ideas, discuss my life, and generally be self indulgent . . . it is also the bargain bin for articles which do not fit in with the film or arts themes of my other blogs . . . so have a wander around my mind, have a laugh, have a think, be nice, and humour me!

Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art

June 12th 2009 07:46
Take a look at Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art Gallery.

Scott lives on a mile and a half of dirt road. The road base is a blend of limestone dust, gravel, and clay. Driving along Scott's road causes a fine white dust to billow up behind the vehicle and cover the rear windscreen.

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

dirty car art by Scott Wade

Scott Wade

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17 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Lara M

June 11th 2009 22:22
Now, that's being creative from scratch! Looks pretty spectacular.

Comment by Norm

June 12th 2009 01:49

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 12th 2009 07:00
hi Lara,

i love how temporary it is, he leaves them out in the weather and as soon as it rains the design disappear . . . spectacular is a great word for it

hi Norm,

the cactus one is very detailed, he has put alot of work into it . . . i dont know if i would have the patience to create something like that, but its great that hes has captured them in photos

Comment by Janet Collins

June 12th 2009 08:15
I like the one where it looks as if a guy is trying to get out the back window. Very interesting collection.

Comment by Tracy

June 12th 2009 08:20
How original...they're great.

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 12th 2009 08:38
hi Janet,

theres always someone doing something interesting, something you would never think of doing yourself . . . thank god for diversity!

hi Tracy,

he is an innovator!

Comment by Tracy

June 12th 2009 08:51
He definitely is!

Comment by Cheryl J

June 12th 2009 09:50
Some people amaze me with their talent. But what is most amazing is he knows they are very temporary. I don't know that I could put so much work into something that would disappear with a few raindrops.


Comment by Morgan Bell

June 12th 2009 09:54
hi Cheryl,

thats exactly what i thought!

its like those people that put so much effort into making designs and scultures out of sand in public places . . . one gush of wind, or surf, or a sprinkling of rain and a sand-castle is ruined, a lesson you learn from a young age . . . yet it does not deter some people

Comment by Samantha Elley

June 12th 2009 10:33
Wow Morgan,
That is bizarre. Only today I saw a car with flames shooting out of the side that had been drawn in it's dust and I remember thinking, 'wow, we could do so much with dirty cars rather than the usual 'Wash me!' statements scrawled on them.

Good on you for being on the least with my musings..LOL!!!


Comment by Morgan Bell

June 12th 2009 10:57
hi Samantha,

yes ive been reading your mind . . . i learnt about Vulcan mind melds from Star Trek haha

it is a good concept though, hey?

its kind of like found art but with a bit of extra work, i like these pieces that work with everyday items and unusual materials

Comment by Natalina

June 13th 2009 01:45
I should try this. I love to paint on cars. Just little designs. I have a picture I'll have to send you of one of the cars all painted up. I'm such a dirty hippie!

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 13th 2009 04:59
hi Natalina,

wow, you ARE a hippy! haha

i would love to see your car design though, post it on here or send me a link to somewhere else it is posted ok

Comment by Jason King

June 13th 2009 23:58
Way way cool!!

I will never wash my car again!

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 14th 2009 03:05
hi Jason,

well i never wash my car anyway haha

although i probably wouldnt classify my car as art, it does have an artistic array of body damage, but i havent taken a brush to it yet

i thought you might like this dirty car art

Comment by Wilson Pon

September 21st 2009 12:35
WoW, now this is what I called, "The combination of art and creative", Morgan. Scott Wade is really a talented painter!

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